The Global Sustainability Alliance

The Global Sustainabillity Alliance was founded by John Harrison of TecEco and members are co-operating to create more than just an industrial ecology. The tececology being assembled will go well beyond what anybody had ever dreamed off in terms of resolving global problems. It is the silver bullet solution we have all be looking for. Alliance parters have processes that combined as Gaia Engineering reverse global moleconomic flows such as that of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and waste materials into our global commons.

Amory Lovins is reported to have said green technology “will happen, and happen rapidly – because it’s profitable"[1] That was several years ago now and we have an increasing sense, especially following the Al Gore movie "An inconvenient Truth" and the Stern report late 2006 that the green revolution is happening more rapidly than ever. The talk of constraint costs is nonesense and propagated by the doomsayers with vested interested who do not wish to see change. People are starting to see the connection between the environment and the profitability of their businesses and soon will realise solving the problems we have can be achieved profitably by adopting new technologies.

Global Sustainability Alliance Partners

Partner: Contact: Notes: Date Joined:

TecEco Pty. Ltd.

John Harrison Original partner 2005

Greensols Pty. Ltd.

Prof Chris Cuff Original partner 2005

Founding members invite other companies that have genuinely advanced technologies for solving our environmental problems and that fit into the overall tececology we envisage to contact a member.

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[1]Amory Lovins reported in The Australian Bulletin, April 25, 2000