Gaia Engineering Information

Below are articles and papers containing background information about Gaia Engineering and related sustainability, global warming etc. issues that you can download under the condition that you acknowledge the source (as we have tried to do). There is also a lot of background information in back issues of the TecEco newsletter.

If the files are protected you will need to contact TecEco for a password.

Acrobat Documents

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Document: Author: Notes: Date: Size: Protected:
Gaia Engineering John Harrison The document presents economic as well as scientific, engineering and social arguements for the adoption of Gaia Enginnering.: 28 Sep 07 364 Kb No

Powerpoint Presentations

The following are powerpoint presentations and you may need to download a program to decompress the file. We suggest using WinRar or Winzip 8.0. You may also need a Powerpoint viewer.

Document: Author: Notes: Date: Size: Protected:

“Gaia Engineering” Presented by the Global Sustainability Alliance

John Harrison Powerpoint presentation explaining Gaia Engineering (formerly CarbonSafe) 15 Dec 06 8.9 Mb No

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