Legal Documentation

Pro forma legal documents are downloadable in this area. If the files are protected you will need to contact TecEco for a password.

If you are planning on testing any of our binders or doing business with us you will need to at least read our terms of supply.

Please contact us and we will advise what other documentation is necessary.

Acrobat Documents

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Document: Author: Notes: Date: Size: Protected:
Confidentiality Agreement John Harrison In many instances TecEco will require a confidentiality agreement before we can deal with you. 10 Jun 06 84 kB No

Conditions for Research Assistance or Collaboration

John Harrison A document requiring acceptable behaviour that we will be requiring all researchers to sign before we agree to assist them.

22 May 2008

52 kB No
Finders Agreement John Harrison TecEco will reimburse people who introduce us to investors. 3 Nov 09 33 kB No
Testing Agreement with Option to Licence John Harrison We are offering partners an opportunity to test our technology with the security of an option to a full licence. 16 Sept 08 71 kB No
Terms of Supply John Harrison You must read our terms of supply before we can give or sell you any product or service. 10 Jun 06 35 kB No

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