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Images are downloadable from the pages listed in various categories in this area. You may use them in any way you like as long as you give appropriate references to us and other owners. TecEco are pleased to allow fair use without request provided acknowledgement is given thus: Copyright: TecEco Pty. Ltd. ( For more information please see our legal notice.Many of the pictures available are high enough resolution to make them suitable for reproduction.

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Just some of he awards John Harrison has been presented for his contributions to science and the company's innovations are listed here

Tec-Cement Exemplars

Pictures of Tec-Cement exemplars are listed including some brilliant ground and polished exposed concrete flooring. Tec-Cements allow the use of more fly ash and gbfs (ground granulated blast furnace slag), crack less and are more durable. Please also read about our latest Tec-Cement Exemplars including some of our wonderful floors.

Eco-Cement Exemplars Eco-Cements are much greener because the magnesium and calcium hydroxide phases in them set by absorbing CO2 out of the air as they transform to carbonates. On this web page you will find examples of products like mortars, mud bricks etc. Please also read about our latest Eco-Cement Exemplars
Eco - Masonry Exemplars We have made thousands of bricks, blocks and pavers using Eco-Cement and aggregates made from waste products. Have a look at some of the pictures of different blocks we have made. Our technology not only reduces embodied energy and emissions, it enables the inclusion of all sorts of other materials in masonry that improve thermal properties. Please also read about our latest Eco-Masonry Exemplars
Eco - Masonry Bricks, blocks and pavers utilise waste products such as bottom ash, crushed concrete, wood fibre, hemp and even recycled glass. They don't leach or off-gas and require little or no maintenance. They're readily recyclable and provide a strong, durable, termite proof cladding that, with appropriate construction methods, need no painting or waterproofing. They make very efficient use of cement and our Eco-Cement makes them easy to manufacture and set be reabsorbing chemically released CO2. With capture during manufacture Eco-Masonry products could be a net carbon sink. Please also read about our latest Eco-Masonry Exemplars
Other TecEco cement technology is excellent for many other purposes such as foamed concretes and patch repair. Take a look here
People Who are the people behind TecEco and who are our clients? What do they look like. Find our here.


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