A number of tools have been developed for life cycle analysis batching etc. and some of these are available as downloads.


--Not yet available ---

Tec-Batch will be available for download from Tecsoft Pty Ltd. an associated company. Users of TecEco technology will be granted access by arrangement with TecSoft at our discretion. Others may purchase the program.

Written in C++ by J J Harrison with the assistance of John Harrison Tec-Batch was inspired by Pierre Perrault, Ken Day and Francois di Larrard.

The program calculates a wide range of cement types including TecEco cements and guides users to proper formulation and use. An intuitive user friendly interface makes the program a must to purchase even if you are not a customer of TecEco.

Excel Spreadsheets

The following are Excel spreadsheets or compressed Excel spreadsheets. Download, save and uncompress them as required If you do not have a decompression program we suggest WinRar or Winzip. Directly opening the files may not work and you may also need to download an Excel viewer.

Tool: Author: Function Date: Size: Protected:
Corrected BRE Spreadsheet Calculating CO2 Reabsorbtion John Harrison

This spreadsheet corrects Figure 3 in the BRE report "Environmentally friendly MgO-based cements to support sustainable construction - Final report" Prepared for: Peter Concannon DTI, by Dr Keith Quillin and
Dr Richard Nixon, BRE Scientists dated 23rd March 2006.

1 Aug 06 2.2 Mb No
Excel Batcher John Harrison

A spreadsheet batching program that we believe was originally written by Michael Shallard, that Ken Day developed and we fixed to solve properly. There are 100 free uses, then reinstall! (Or buy TecBatch!)

24 Apr 06 97 Kb No
Gaia Engineering Process v Geosequestration Model John Harrison

An electronic model of Gaia Engineering and Geosequestration. This spreadsheet demonstrated that building with man made carbonate can start reversing the problem of global warming by 2025 if 50% of mineral based building materials are man made carbonates. More work is required on the model so see also Carbon Cycles and Sinks for a more direct analysis of this proposition.

10 May 09


Life Cycle Cost Analysis for TecEco, other cements and nesquehonite produced by the Syncarb process. John Harrison

An LCCA spreadsheet by TecEco that analyses energy, costs and emissions for various cement, aggregate and concrete formulations prior to use.The spreadsheet is also an aid to calculating the energy, cost and emissions of mixes.

1 Apr 13 537Kb No
Cement, Concrete and Aggregate Production with Potential Sequestration John Harrison

A spreadsheet setting out global cement, concrete and aggregate production and potential sequestration.

22 Nov 12 37 Kb No

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