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29th of January 2009Capital RaisingTecEco will pay a finders fee for successful capital raisings. Please contact the managing director re terms of engagement.
28th of January 2009Apology for Duplications re Newsletter 84We apologise for duplicate emails sending out Newsletter 84. We had some host issues
5th of January 2009TecEco are looking for people who want to help us by looking after overseas students in the Hobart area.From time to time TecEco are offered foreign students. John Harrison cannot at the present time provide accommodation so the company are looking for somebody to support it by billeting a student in the Hobart area for four months commencing June 2009
27th of July 2008John Harrison Seeking Association with Academic InstitutionsFor many years I have enjoyed access to the on line library facilities of a large university. Unfortunately this has come to an end and unless I can get access to major journals it is much harder for me to continue my work. If you are an academic and support what I am doing please consider the merits of appointing me to some honorary position within your department so I can obtain access to your library.
22nd of June 2008TecEco Reach Out Language ProjectWe believe it very important that our message about anthropogenic sequestration reaches as many people as possible. Our current thinking is to have four or five basic pages that are translated into as many languages as possible.These pages would focus on the central message of anthropogenic sequestration in the context of Gaia Engineering If you are interested in translating four or five of our pages into your language on a voluntary basis please contact us with your credentials.

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