Eco-Masonry Block And Brick Fawdry

Eco-masonry products include in their formulation reactive magnesia and wastes and are more “environmentally friendly” than Portland Cement masonry products.

Bricks blocks and pavers made utilising TecEco technology:

TecEco bricks, blocks, pavers and mortars are the foundation of a sustainable built environment in the future.

More Information

More information on the Eco-Masonry technology can be found in our technical section under TecEco Cements, documentation section and under Tec-Cement and Eco-Cement in our Definitions section. Further information in relation to sustainability can be found under that section in our main menu.


TecEco will be supplying Victoria from Tasmania initially and elsewhere Tec and Eco-Cement masonry units manufactured to Australian standards are available by special order through most block makers. For larger orders please contact TecEco. For samples, small orders, or research supplies please go to Purchasing TecEco Products.

The Difference Between Tec and Eco-Cements

Tec-Cements contain much less magnesia (caustic calcined magnesia or CCM) than Eco-Cements and are more environmentally friendly mainly because less cement is generally required for the same result. Eco-Cements are more environmentally friendly because they set by absorbing CO2 out of the air. (See Eco-Cements)

Product Safety Data

Downloadable under documentation/products.

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