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TecEco Goes Commercial

One of our biggest worries was that operators would make mistakes and blame the technology because it was new. We have now come to the considered opinion that the risk of this happening is low because our formulations are even more tolerant of error that conventional mix designs so as of the beginning of 2007 we have decided to bite the bullet and go commercial.

TecEco are now keen for architects and engineers looking for a sustainability edge to specify Tec-Cement concretes and already have a number of structures built and more in the design stage. The selling points of Tec-Cement concretes are sustainability, extreme durability, excellent rheology and low shrinkage. They are also lighter in colour allowing the use of less colouring oxide and also work very well with foamed concretes.

One of the problems of using concretes with a high proportion of fly ash or gbfs is that finishers do not like them and sometimes even demand more money to use them. Our Tec-Cement formulations can contain a relatively high proportion of cement replacements without becoming sticky and difficult to work. They also gel up more quickly allowing the use of helicopters and other finishing techniques earlier.

Special formulations of Tec-Cement are also excellent for spray able concretes as they improve stick and reduce sag and rebound. When used with foamed concretes stiffening occurs more quickly. Tec-Cement concretes are also more sustainable because they facilitate a higher use of wastes such as gbfs and fly ash and because they are much more durable.

TecEco are more cautious about letting builders, architects and engineers use Eco-Cement concretes even though they are more sustainable than Tec-Cement concretes because they set by reabsorbing carbon dioxide out of the air. Prospective users should demonstrate good technical know how, a commitment to a high standard of sustainability and a willingness to embrace new methods. The reason is that in order to carbonate Eco-Cements have to be used in permeable substrates and to achieve this imperfect particle packing is required. Unfortunately most of the sands and other aggregates commonly available are designed for hydraulic cement concretes and pack better than is ideal for Eco-Cement concretes and we therefore recommend using coarser gritty sands such as should be sold to users of old fashioned carbonating lime mortars.

If you are interested in properly designing Eco-Cements please download paper 25 under Conference papers on the TecEco web site.  As soon as TecEco can afford it software for designing effective mixes will also be available. Fortunately there is generally sufficient air retained in brick, block paver and mud brick formulations to allow effective carbonation and for these uses Eco-Cements are ideal.

TecEco challenge the concrete industry to give the work that is not being performed well by the best formulations available other than TecEco Tec, Eco and Enviro-Cement concretes. Examples included ground polished floors, marine structures, sewerage works, chemical factories, underground infrastructure and icy cold conditions. For Eco-Cements TecEco are keen to talk to brick and block manufacturers, mud brick users, core backfill, plaster and render manufacturers or board makers making gypsum or other board. We are also very interested in implementations for our carbonating permeacocrete pervious pavements.


Obviously it is most economic to supply in bulk and for larger orders (more than say one 20 Kg bags) so please contact TecEco.

For samples, small orders, or research supplies please email[1] us,

For small order freight often well exceeds the cost of magnesia. Postage/Freight Calculators Australia Post Fed Ex DHL [2] [3]

For all deliveries please indicate that you have read our terms of supply

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[1] Please note that we prefer you to correspond with us by email and we do not have the staff to deal with letters.

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[4] Reactive magnesia is magnesia fired at less than about 750°C and ground to a particle size with greater than 95% of the particles of less than 120 microns and for most implementations of our cement technology less than 45 microns The temperature of firing has a greater influence on reactivity than grind size as excess energy goes into lattice energy.

Technical information about reactive magnesia is available in the technical area of our web site.

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